Released games

Full-fledged games, released to the public.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

Free, huge expansion to Dandara's world.


Explore a directionless world.

Magenta Arcade

Finger-based shooter.

Jam games and prototypes

Experiments, game jams done under a short period of time. Often done with other people, not always with the Long Hat House name.

Just Politics

Corrupt politician simulator. Steal the innocent! LD #25.

Miguel: The Incredible

Imaginative juggling mini-game.

River Rage

Boat handling fun local party game. SB Games Jam I entry and winner.

Under Pressure

Drama-filled short adventure and puzzle game. LD #29.

I wanna play snake

You just want to play snake all the time. GGJ.

You're it!

Online multiplayer tag game. LD #33.