Long Hat House: indie game studio

Long Hat House

Games you would maybe want to make your granny play someday.

We are Lucas and João. Two Computer Scientists from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We work together since 2014 making strange wacky games like Dandara (with the expansion, Trials of Fear) and Magenta Arcade.

The universe of video games is infinite and vast, it includes much of what we love in life: tech, programming, arts, music, narratives, game design. Add in some more obscure subjects like psychology, sociology and other crazy stuff we often like to babble about. It is a universe we want to explore, express and create.

In our projects, we'd like to be always pushing boundaries, building unique different experiences. Sometimes giving you a new perspective on something mundane, and other times inviting you to learn videogames all over again.

The House in Long Hat House has a strong meaning. It's our intention to create a welcoming space to collaborate with creative people. We've met and worked alongside many friends through our journey:

Full Dandara Team, João, Victor (pixel art), Alex (our intern), Lucas and Thommaz (the musician)!Full Dandara Team with Giulia, that did the amazing cutscene art!We at Stugan 2017! Was an amazing experience!Making the trailer for Magenta Arcade.We and the people of our co-working space, Game Mine, at BIG Festival!Rs...

Don't forget to also check out our games! You can always contact us too!

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