Miguel: The Incredible

Imaginative juggling mini-game.

Miguel is an incredible lad! Dreams about juggling with the best, everyday. Dreams so much that the fruit always seem more and more real, more and more touchable. Dreams so much, there is already a circus around, people who love to watch good juggling.

Now, if you could only handle one more fruit, Miguel’s dreams could reach even further!

Touch the imagination balloon to ask for one more fruit. You can only have one of them in each hand. Try to handle the most fruit without letting them fall.

Watch the world build itself as you go on! Keep dreaming on!

Miguel: The Incredible
Miguel: The Incredible


  • Finally juggling without crouching to get the balls you miss!
  • Simple and fun mechanic of "how many balls can you keep in the air at the same time?"!
  • Watch the imaginative world grow and build itself around you as the game gets more intense!
  • Share your scores with Game Center/Google Play.

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Developed in Unity.

Specifically designed for touch-based mobile devices.

Languages: English, Portuguese

Release: Soon