Just Politics

Corrupt politician simulator. Steal the innocent! LD #25.

#34 Overall

Ludum Dare · Jam

#23 Fun

Ludum Dare · Jam

#20 Humor

Ludum Dare · Jam

A satirical political simulator, this game was an entry made for Ludum Dare #25, a 72-hour game jam where the theme was "You are the villain".

So, naturally, we thought of the corrupt politician. Corruption is so crazy high in Brazil, most people here think that's simply how politics work anyway. In the game, you control a politican who metaphorically sucks out money from whatever he sees while climbing his public career.

Also, you can buy laws to power up your sucking money power, or keep away the journalists and cops from you. Don't worry too much about popularity losses, people forget eventually. Have fun!

Just Politics
Just Politics


  • Start as a mayor and climb your ranks all the way to presidency.
  • Keyboard and mouse around to suck money and evade journalists.
  • Buy permanent and temporary power ups!
  • Beat your highscore.

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João Guilherme Brant

Developer, Designer

Lucas Mattos

Artist, Designer

Lucas Mello

Developer, Designer

Developed in Flixel.

Languages: English

Release: December 17, 2012